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As a direct-to-consumer credit monitoring company, we are all aware that consumers are increasingly dependent on credit, but not necessarily well informed on this important topic. Credit affects consumers throughout many life stages, from renting their first flat to planning for retirement. A consumers financial history is likely to determine if a lender will accept an application for credit (credit card, loan or mortgage for example), along together with the interest rate charged. Lenders and other organisations use the credit history information held by credit bureaus to help make these decisions.

At One Technologies International, we believe there is an opportunity to educate individuals on why understanding and monitoring their credit bureau information (credit file) is important. We believe an informed consumer is in a better position to protect, maintain or enhance their credit score / rating.


Individuals who choose to subscribe to our solutions will be seeking access to and guidance regarding their personal credit file. Many will be in the process of making an active buying decision relating to financial services, including preparing to buy a home, considering a re-mortgage, purchasing a new car or looking for a credit card or loans.

Our solutions will offer secure access to an individual’s personal credit file, credit reports, credit scores, ongoing credit monitoring with alerts to any changes in their credit file and a continuously updated learning center with educational content on consumer credit.