About Us

Launched in 2014 and based in Swindon we will be providing our customers in the UK with a market leading credit management solution which provides access to and monitoring of their consumer credit file information.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of One Technologies, a privately held membership marketing company based in Dallas, Texas with approximately $250 million in annual revenue and an active member base of 1.18 million.

The company’s roots were established in the US in 2000, initially as an affiliate marketing company focused on the online channel. Since then, we have further developed our systems and technology to enable us to offer our own direct-to-consumer products.

Whether marketing other organisations’ products on their behalf, or marketing our own, our mission has always been to provide customers with valuable products and services to make mindful and educated decisions, and empower our customers to take control of their financial future.


From the start, we pledged to prioritise technology investment for the benefit of our customers over profits. It wasn’t always easy. But we stuck by it and it has paid off. The development of proprietary solutions has allowed us to stay competitive during unpredictable market conditions.


“Measure your world and use your measurements.” This is a motto we like to live by. Our growth has been propelled by a single-minded dedication to quantitative analytics and sophisticated testing methodologies.

Our people

By far, the most rewarding investment we make is in our people and preserving the collaborative, and more importantly, respectful culture where people work together to provide a world-class service.